Close Encounter With A Girl With Three Breasts

Some people are curious to know if girls with three breasts exist. It actually does and I am a witness of that. Doctors say it is normal to get that just like guys getting an extra testicle. LOL. I know it sounds freaky meeting a girl with three breasts, but it actually happened to me and it was a good experience.

There was a girl back in college who have a big crush on me. Her name is Matilde and she was really pretty, but a little shy so I had a hard time knowing if she was into me or not. My friends and I would always sit at the bleachers to check out girls with gorgeous breasts. We watch the cheerleaders go bounce up and down during their practice. Our boob watching was interrupted by a nerdy guy who handed me a note. I was surprised to see the letter and read it in front of my friends. They were all laughing because they found out that Matilde wants to meet up with me at the parking lot. My friends told me not to meet her since we’re having fun staring at gorgeous breasts. But I was curious to find out what she wants from me so I decided to go to the parking lot.

She waved at me and I said: “wassup” in a very boring voice. She asked me to join her for a ride. I was about to say: “no”, but my jaw dropped when I saw her really phat Porsche Carrera GT. Of course that made me go with her and that was just the beginning of the surprise. Since she was pretty, I started making out with her in the car. She told me that she has a secret to tell me. I was all ears and then she showed me her extra boob. It actually doesn’t really look bad in fact I enjoyed playing with them. My friends all now envy me for having a special girl like her.

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